Volunteer abroad for free, with
flights and accommodation included.

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What is it like to volunteer abroad?

Jennifer S.

“It was hard to leave such an amazing place, and amazing friends, and if I could I would have stayed longer. I would love to describe my volunteering experience but I don’t think words can sum it up. I have gained memories I will never forget, friends from all over the world and valuable work experience”

Josh B.

” volunteering adventure was some of the best of my life. I learned so much, and it was so amazing getting to do so much for the local people and community.”

How to volunteer abroad for free with
flights and accommodation paid?


Yes, you can volunteer abroad for free without paying anything. Even your flights and accommodation could be paid. It doesn’t matter where are you from or how much money you have, it is possible.
But, only if you know where to look!
Searching it on Google will lead you to voluntourism agencies that ask for huge fees for a volunteering project.

It makes you think that you can see the world only if you have a fat bank account. But, that’s not true!

I was in the same situation as you, thinking that volunteer work abroad is out of reach.
But then, after digging deep enough on the internet, I realized that there are hidden opportunities.
A few months later, I was volunteering at a shelter for homeless men in France. 
All my costs were covered, including the trip to France, all the meals, and my accommodation.
Free volunteering abroad programs for travelers
I got the opportunity to help the shelter running and helped these people to reintegrate back in society.
In exchange, I got a lot, including:
– a free gap year
– an adventure I’ll remember my whole life
– met plenty of new people
– friends for a lifetime
– immersion in a new culture
– new skills
– learned the language
– traveled around a lot
This is within your reach, too.
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An adventure awaits you!

You can have a dream volunteer trip abroad.

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