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Far Away Projects - the home of free volunteer travel opportunities

If you are like most of our customers, you dream of a better world. You want to explore the world, learn as much as possible about it and make it a better place.

You don’t want to stay in your country forever and spend your time doing the same things over and over again. You dream of taking a break from such life, experiencing something thrilling and new, and make an impact on the lives of others.


But there is something on your way.

You don’t know where to start from. And you don’t have money.


[The following is a quote]

“I would love to travel and volunteer abroad, but I don’t have money”.


Does this sound like you:

  • You want to travel overseas
  • You want to have a gap year and take a break from your current life
  • You want to do good to people and make a positive impact on the world
  • You want to meet new people from all around the world
  • You want to learn about new cultures
  • You want to see things available only in faraway lands
  • …but you have no money for this?


The good news is that money is not a problem, but only if you know where to look.


I Know How You Feel

I was in the same situation as you a few years ago. I wanted to travel overseas so bad. At the same time, I wanted to make a positive impact on the problems I was seeing in this world.

But I had no money. I was desperate and searched for free volunteer travel options.

Finally, I ended up volunteering in a shelter for homeless people in the beautiful South of France.

[image of South France]

I spent one year there. I learned a lot about life while volunteering and listening to homeless people’s stories. I lived alone and independently far away from home. I learned the local language. I made many friends. I traveled around France a lot.

And all my costs of volunteering abroad were covered.


What Is Far Away Projects?

Now I want to show other people how to have a free gap year by volunteering abroad with flights and accommodation included.

That’s why Far Away Projects exist.

We make available a list of free volunteering opportunities to people who want to do a volunteering trip overseas but cannot afford to pay for that.


To learn more about what we offer, contact us.


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